VR and AR solutions for healthcare

Independent consulting in immersive technologies.
Successfully implemented VR and AR applications worldwide.
Development of individual use cases.

We pursue a practice- and people-centred approach

StellDirVor is your partner for knowledge management and process management in the healthcare industry. Our team consists of experts who bring inter-professional competences from medicine, nursing, digitisation and management.

Immersive technologies in healthcare

XR solutions can be used for qualification and training as well as support in everyday life. We focus on four areas of application.

Meet the team!

Theda Ockenga
Theda Ockenga
CEO & Sales
Petra Dahm
Petra Dahm
Sonja Bunzeit
Sonja Bunzeit
Mark Weinert
Mark Weinert

VR-training: a new experience of medical simulations

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We offer the by far most advanced mobile VR system for group training worldwide. Over 300 VR simulation cases for medicine, nursing and emergency services offer simulation centres, simulation trainers and trainees maximum flexibility for individual learning success.

Digital technologies for nursing education support learning under difficult staffing conditions and enable generation-appropriate learning in nursing education.

Verena Miller, Practical nursing instructor

With SimX, medical simulation is cost-efficient (less than a tenth of the cost of mannequin simulation), more intuitive and more effective thanks to VR.

Ryan Ribeira, ER doctor, lecturer Stanford School of Medicine

“Never first on the patient” – Medical simulations are essential for ensuring the best possible patient welfare. With VR, simulations can be realised flexibly, independent of location and time.

Dr. med. Mark Weinert, Simulation expert

Innovative techniques such as virtual reality can be an efficient and vivid tool for conveying content and practising procedures – for more patient safety.

Bernhard Seidenath, Member of the Landtag

StellDirVor’s immersive solutions have helped us – especially during the Corona restrictions – to successfully market our medtech products and effectively train users.

MedTech manufacturer

The technical and didactic possibilities of AR, VR and XR were explained to the participants in a highly competent and clear manner. The participants could really feel the enthusiasm and passion of StellDirVor in the workshop, despite the digital event.

Roman Mogdanz , PBW

Digitalisation in the healthcare sector is one of the most important variables to relieve the currently prevailing situation!

Ugur Cetinkaya, Nursing Manager

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