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learn in a more creative & sustainable way

Stell Dir V(o)R is a start up that solves social challenges and promotes learning and sustainability through immersive solutions. We develop, create and implement inspiring, informative and activating virtual and augmented reality experiences.

Digitalisation is increasingly influencing our daily lives, learning and working. We at Stell Dir V(o)R use digital technologies – specifically Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality – to strengthen companies and organisations in their social and economic impact. The components of employee development and corporate responsibility are just as important a pillar as digitization itself. This results in solutions that withstand a critical look at compliance with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) defined by the UN and ensure a measurable impact.

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Immersive technologies as an opportunity within digitisation.

Our interdisciplinary team consists of corporate and strategy consultants, transformation and digitisation experts, VR/AR pioneers, educators, sociologists and scientists and has been working for over two years on how immersive technologies can be used for New Work and Corporate Social Responsibility in companies and organisations. We are currently realising a pilot project for nursing education and training. In addition, we are investigating the advantages of virtual environments in scientifically supported studies and developing methods for implementing these findings in education and sustainability processes.

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Who are we addressing

Our motivation: the SDGs

We are convinced that digital technologies used in a meaningful way can support the understanding and implementation of the UN’s sustainable global development goals. 

Let’s make an impact today

Pilot project

Motivation, orientation, qualification
“Stell Dir V(o)R” for the caring sector

We are working to motivate young and committed people to start a career in the caring sector, offering guidance in their choice of training and job and qualifying nursing staff – in Virtual Reality.

more about the pilot proect (german only)

Our team

Petra Dahm

Ideaist at Stell Dir V(o)R and experienced strategy and management consultant. Expert for transformation and digitization.

Christian Stähler

Experienced educator, school developer and learning innovator. Developing the Stell Dir V(o)R learning concept.

Bramwel Omondi

Research expert at Stell Dir V(o)R and scientific arm of our team.

Sonja Bunzeit

Consultant for marketing, digitisation and sustainability – product and project development at Stell Dir V(o)R

Theda Ockenga

Expert for CSR and Social Entrepreneurship – first contact for everyone who’s interested in Stell Dir V(o)R.

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