Immersive Education
and Training for Nursing

with Virtual and Augmented
Reality (VR & AR)

Nursing quality is a vital health requirement worldwide. Increasing amount of patients as well as lack of personnel and time already now results in less time for the patient and poor nursing quality. As we researched this issue more in depth we found out, that the main problem is, that there is currently no easy way to (further) educate and train nurses effectively and sustainably.

That’s where Stell Dir V(o)R comes in: we see technology (in our case 360° Video, Virtual and Augmented reality) as an enabler in order to revolutionize the nursing and training industry. Our vision is to create a learning framework for nursing where instructors and nurses find curated immersive content (which enables instructors AND nurses to teach and learn).

To create a mindshift in nursing we’re tackling the following areas:

Motivation (360° Video)

“Day in a life” for potential candidates to future area of work / workplace.

  • motivate people to get into nursing
  • attracting new workforce
  • show team and workspace of a potential employee
  • ideal for international workforce

Education (VR)

Learning modules for the nursing education: more efficient and successful learning while saving resources.

  • Training of standardised processes
  • “Real life” empathic and conversion training
  • International expert standards as immersive skill labs
  • Intercultural and language training

Onboarding (AR)

Easing the onboarding process for better integration and enabling fast learning rates.

  • quick and smooth integration of new employees
  • help navigating difficulties safely
  • build new hire confidence

Ongoing Training (AR & VR)

Experiental learning and knowledge refreshments on job for consistent high quality education.

  • on-demand learning and training
  • extend training beyond classroom
  • just-in-time refreshments for remonte and onjob
  • provide consistent, quality education at scale

In short, these are the benefits of immersive learning in nursing

  • Increase learning efficiency and quality
  • saves ressources (time, money, materials e.g. for testing purposes)
  • Individual, user-focused and adaptive learning

  • Curated training when, where and as many times as it’s needed
  • Mirroring real-life-scenarios in a „safe surrounding“
  • Mirroring real-life-scenarios in a „safe surrounding“
  • Immersion in VR = 100% attention
  • Assistance in AR = end of language barriers and easy help when needed