This Simulated Patient Encounter maps to Scenario FUN 05 – Lisa Rae – Fall and Pressure Ulcer Risk Assessment on the Elsevier Evolve Platform

Lisa Rae, a 78-year-old Caucasian female, was admitted with complaints of dizziness following a fall at her assisted living facility. Mrs. Rae was found to be hypotensive and IV fluids were initiated. She has experienced urinary incontinence since admission. Learner must assess the patient, recognize abnormal findings, and communicate a plan to her that will keep her safe while maintaining her independence.


This scenario must be purchased as part of an Elsevier Curriculum Package. Please contact a SimX sales representative for more information.

Szenario-ID: FUN 05
Sprache: Englisch|German
Patientenalter: Geriatrie: 65+
Geschlecht: Weiblich
Raumgröße: 4mx4m
Umgebung: Krankenhaus
Fachbereich: Innere Medizin

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