SimX » Virtual Reality Medical Simulation Training / StellDirVor
SimX » Virtual Reality Medical Simulation Training / StellDirVor

Virtual Reality Medical Simulation

Clinical and preclinical group simulation training in virtual reality (VR)

Improve occupational and patient safety with interactive SimX virtual reality simulation training

Simulations and skills labs have become an integral part of education and training to increase occupational and work safety in medicine nursing as well as emergency services and military

SimX enables a new innovative form of training: group training, different scenarios and practical cases, debriefing and evaluation are simulated in virtual reality.

SimX » Virtual Reality Medical Simulation Training / StellDirVor

Intuitive virtual simulation labs – Developed by simulation experts

SimX was developed by medical and simulation experts. The gamification approach of virtual reality ensures that the use cases are intuitive and easy to run through. The simulations can be adapted individually – even live – based on the trainee’s learning level. Integrated analyses and reports for performance evaluation show development of learning successes.

International clients


SimX simulations can be run independent of location and time (e.g. with mobile VR glasses). It is possible to switch quickly between different scenarios.

Group training

Teams and groups can train together in virtual reality – without being in the same room. Interprofessional collaboration is also be improved this way.

Lasting learning success

Through immersion in VR, acquired information and competencies are sustainably anchored. Authentic real life situations can be experienced at any time.

Get to know SimX

SimX » Virtual Reality Medical Simulation Training / StellDirVor

Benefits of SimX VR simulation trainings

  • Live group training with real-time interaction

  • Soft skill training and communication – in teams and with patients

  • Learning and training under real life conditions in a safe space

  • Individually adaptable to trainees (trainer can e.g. increase stress level)

  • Ideal training opportunities for emergencies and high risk situations

  • Support of causal competences: Consequences and connections of actions become tangible

  • Ideal preparation for everyday medical life (e.g. for students) and training integration (OSCES).

SimX » Virtual Reality Medical Simulation Training / StellDirVor

Experience the new form of medical simulation!

Success with SimX VR training

Improves realism


VR simulation cases and patients (for medical, nursing and emergency services)

Reduce cost


possible cost savings in comparison to classical simulation trainings

Increases flexibility


Trainers, centers and companies already rely on SimX VR trainings

Get started now with virtual reality simulation training:

Individual case creation

Based on your individual training requirements, a VR simulation scenario is developed.

Virtual Patient

Quick entry into VR SimTraining: virtual patients in a safe, immersive environment. Train clinical scenarios with various patterns and diagnoses.

Existing cases

More than 300 SimX scenarios are successfully in use worldwide and are available to get started with VR training right away.

SimX » Virtual Reality Medical Simulation Training / StellDirVor

Mit SimX sind medizinische Simulation dank VR kosteneffizient (weniger als ein Zehntel der Kosten als die Mannequin-Simulation), intuitiver und effektiver.

Ryan Riberia, Geschäftsführer SimX
SimX » Virtual Reality Medical Simulation Training / StellDirVor
“Never first on the patient” – Medizinische Simulationen sind essentiell für das Sicherstellen des bestmöglichen Patientenwohls. Mit SimX sind Simulation flexibel, orts- und zeitunabhängig realisierbar.
Dr. Mark Weinert, Simulationsexperte